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A born leader, Logan’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and designing websites.

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About our process.

The Server


The first server I ever started was in 2015 on the Xbox 360. We would leave the server open 24 hours a day by never turning off the Xbox 360. This was all well in good but the console could not handle running for super long periods of time. We progressed to the Xbox One where we ran our most successful server ever with around 50,000 views on the MC forum and with almost 500 members.

We learned a lot from running these past servers from just doing PvP ones to just PvE. Since then we have came up with a unique server that benefits all players whether they like to just build houses living a simple life, be a warrior by taking on the Ender Dragon, or by being a powerhouse and fighting people in PvP zones. The choice us up to you and we have laid out some simple ground rules to help encourage player development and bring everyone into the community.

Direct Communication


I have tried to think of everything I would want in a server and a community and incorporate it into this system. We have a forum so everyone can share their experiences, ideas, and opinions of the server. Along with this you also have the Activity Feed which helps you share quick snapshots of what you have been doing in the server along with personal opinions you would want to add. This is shared across to all the members so they can comment, like, or friend you if they like what you’re sharing. You’re also given the ability to private message other users!

Incorporated into the website is a ranking system. For everything you share, comment, or interact with gives you points. The more points you gain the more prestigious you become and the more you are recognized as a veteran in the community. We always encourage everyone to participate and share their ideas sop it can better benefit everyone.

Ongoing Discovery


We are constantly trying to improve the overall player experience. We have a lot of plans we would like to incorporate into the server and website. It just takes time and we are always open to new ideas and feedback. This community is only possible because you make it possible. By you being here interacting, helping, and playing it helps us grow and incorporate new ideas into the server.

Everything we do it to help better the overall player experience. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please message the admin or post it on the forum so we can help out to the best of our ability.