Minecraft Server

Welcome to our ever famous Minecraft server!

Our Goal

To run a server that is full of PvP and PvE. We want you to have an exhilarating time battling with other players but also have the ability to build wonderful structures with-out having to constantly watch your back for enemies.

Our Server

There are quadrants that divide player vs player zones and player vs environment zones. Player vs environment zones are divided into three groups controlling 9/25maps. While PvP zones control12/25 maps that divide the player vs environment zones. Depending on what rank you are you may live in the quadrant of your choosing.

About Us

Box Turtle Gaming was founded on Sep 16, 2014. Although we are a relatively new community of gamers we have been playing for years. We have a lot of experience with large community of players. We are mainly based on the Xbox One. We run Minecraft Xbox One Servers!

How to Join

You can either fill out the application on the Minecraft Forum and post it in the comments or send us an email with you application.
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Player Join List

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Player Black List

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Server Rules

  • I have been playing on this server for almost a week now and it has been amazing! The server is always up, works perfect and I’m never alone. Everytime I log on I see a new building, a new bridge or some other cool structure that weren’t there last time. This server is a living breathing organism that is growing by the minute. I was hooked from the first step! If you are looking to expand you’re Minecraft experience you need not look any futher. Don’t let this amazing experience pass!” -Vixarus

  • “I just joined the world but it looks awesome! AK49_Logan_907 is very helpful and fast to respond and add! Plus the railway at the beginning got me two achievements! Everyone should join this server!” -TSWOOSH5793

  • “I’ve been using this server for a few days now and it is great!!! Everyone is helpful, some awesome buildings are coming up. The coolest thing is joining and see new stuff each time. I’m stoked to be a part of it. Keep up the good work AK49 Logan 906!!” s0ggyc0rnbr3ad

  • “I have just applied for this world and nearly an instant friend requests came to me and seeing how I have only just joined this world I can’t really give the best review however from what I have seen I believe that this is either one of the best or the the best world I’ve been on yet I highly recommend applying for this world.” -SunvLoenix

  • “I can’t give a bigger review cause I have only seen a little part of the world so far. But I have seen a lot of great builds any everyone I have met so far has been nice and helpful if I ask for something and i trust the server will only get better and better keep up the great work guys.“ -GETSLUGGEDON

  • “What a great server! There is so many nice, genuine people to play with. There are also lots of cool building across the world, you have done an awesome job and making it a 24 hour server is great! I look forward to meeting new people and seeing many more building. Thank’s for setting it up Logan you really have done a brilliant job.” -extreme pancake

  • “Very good overall server. The server is never down so no matter the time of day you can log on and enjoy yourself. Huge map, and a overall great community and server. I really reccommend this server to all non-griefers who love to have a good survival experience and interact with other members of the community.” -IJWl

  • “Been playing a few days. Server is very well run and so far no problems. I like the way the rules are structured. Very fair and set up for the long term benefit of the players. While there are already some existing structures and houses (and AWESOME ones, btw!) there is plenty of room to claim your own piece of land without feeling crowded or restricted. Mods have answered all my questions in a timely manner, and didn’t seem to mind what to them are probably noobish questions. Everything is great, and so far I haven’t had to attend my own funeral as a dolphin! 10/10 would stay inside for!” -GT_Chervil

  • Great well run server lots of fun and lovely staff! I would definitely recommend playing!!-G4nKzpvPz

  • “This is the best server i have found for the Xbox one version, I’ve been active for a few weeks now and my house has never been griefed or stolen from, 10/10.” –AzzaTheRuler

  • “This server is definitely the best I’ve ever played on. Not only is it moderates incredibly good, but it’s so full of structure that its easy to know what to do and when to do it. I’ve played for almost a month and I can definitely say this is the type of server you dedicate your entire day to. Every day. Great thanks to BoxTurtleGaming and his moderators for making this experience memorable and great. Many more to come as well. I hope the new players can see all the glory and great memories this server has to offer. DEFINITELY a one-of-a-kind server! My gamertag is HorsePistel35, and if you’re a new player, I’d be glad to tell you anything and everything I know from this magnificent server! I’d love to give you a tour“ HorsePistel35

  • “Turtle you are going so well running this server” -Football432900

  • “Hi om smoky one of Logan’s old players. I been in his servers since 360 version. Logan’s a good admin His moderators are good as well if I had to rate this server 9/10″ -Smokeycoltclapsu

  • “So I played on the server and here are my thoughts: Five Stars. The server looks great, runs well, and is inhabited by really good people. Within minutes of my first login, I was greeted by playing members and asked if I needed assistance. The guys walked me around, talked me through some things, and made sure I was set before I was left to my own devices. The system setup here is phenomenal. Keep it up guys! BTG XOne Minecraft Server is awesome!” -Vim Aeris

  • “This server is indescribable! The Admin and The very day players are AMAZING and Since I been on the server I meet so many people and grew closer to the server and you get so Close everyone! This is where it separates itself from other server. It’s so Organized and Ordered that it Confusing at first but it’s for the good of the players and everything is about the players! That’s rare to find in a SERVER. I gotta say it’s the best server on the Xbox One Minecraft! It’s meant for all players with different gaming styles like some like PvP and Some like PvE but then there’s areas for people who are pacifist! The server is a 10/10 and Shout out to Logan for making a UNFORGETTABLE SERVER!” -Callenger74